Modern dental technology features a number of cutting-edge tools. Learn how this technology helps the dental team at Warsaw Family Dentistry offer patients a great dental experience.

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Advanced Dental Technology

Dental technology has greatly advanced over the years, always moving toward one goal: giving patients better experiences and outcomes. Our dental team at Warsaw Family Dentistry uses tools such as the following to diagnose and treat problems.


X-rays are a key dental technology for diagnostic purposes. Also known as dental radiographs, they provide our team a look at the state of your teeth, roots, and jaw. X-rays can help detect issues such as tooth decay and cysts as well as bone loss from periodontal disease. Abscesses and problems with tooth positioning may also come to light thanks to X-rays. Today’s X-ray technology produces relatively little radiation and is considered quite safe.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are a dental technology whose benefits are readily apparent to both dentists and patients. Today’s intraoral cameras are unobtrusive and are able to give dentists a look inside a patient’s mouth by producing high-quality digital images. Like X-rays, they can help detect a range of problems, including soft tissue lesions and broken teeth. Magnification helps dentists spot problems that may otherwise escape the naked eye. Because these images are easy to show to patients, they can help patients in Warsaw understand what’s going on in their mouths.

Intraoral Scanners

Until recently, messy impressions had to be taken for braces, crowns, bridges, full and partial dentures. Most people found impressions difficult to bear because of gagging. That is all a thing of the past with an intraoral scanner. A scan is completed with a wand-like handheld unit about the size of a phone. Its narrowest end, about the size of the cup of a tablespoon, is placed over the teeth and in a few minutes, the computer creates a 3D picture of your teeth and jaws. This image can be emailed to the lab, much lessening the time to finish your dentistry with no messy impressions!

Dental Lasers

Dental lasers can be used for a variety of applications. Common uses of dental lasers include finding cavities, preparing cavities for fillings by killing bacteria, and reducing tooth sensitivity. Through laser treatments, patients may also find relief from cold sores and pain in the temporomandibular joints. Additionally, lasers have proven useful for reshaping gum tissue and correcting restrictive frenulums in children.

Dental Technology and Your Oral Health

Our dentist may have other technological implements at disposal as well. Such tools provide even more benefits when they’re combined with a regular schedule of dental visits and good oral hygiene at home. Contact our office in Warsaw today to learn how breakthroughs in dental technology can help with your oral health.

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